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Many Millennials Believe Technology Will Create Jobs


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jobs Growing up as the internet grew faster and technology became more prevalent, a millennial’s daily routine is tightly knit with technology. Even in our homes, products from providers such as crestron UK mean that we are constantly surrounded by technology, and it’s almost as if everything we own is connected to the internet in some way. Millennials wake up to an alarm, check their email, order an Uber, message a friend, read the news, schedule a meeting and post about last night’s adventures all from their phone and all before getting out of bed. It’s fair to say that technology is transforming the world! Also Read :

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With the world in their pocket, millennials have always had a life accompanied by technology and have gained a positive affinity towards it. While older generations may only see these tech savvy individuals as the ones who teach you how to download the latest app, set up your smart tv, or install your gigabit network TAP, millennials have a stronger relationship with technology than you may think. Many millennials believe that the advancements in technology will have a favorable impact on society in many ways. One way millennials see technology improving the future is its ability to create new jobs. Despite how older generations feel that the growing integration of technology is actually stealing jobs, a recent survey released by the World Economic Forum found that the millennial outlook on technology’s impact on employment was more optimistic. In the Global Shapers Annual Survey 2017, 79% of millennial respondents expressed that technology was responsible for creating more jobs faster than it was eliminating them. It’s no secret that developments in technology are changing the way we interact with the world around us. But the fundamentals are still there, you will still have business who ask you to come into the office, use their commercial office furniture and work on a computer. The nice thing with the improvement in technology that this is a lot easier, you don’t have to wait for your computer to turn up, the internet speed is a lot quicker, so really we can’t complain. Technology advancements are being integrated in a variety of fields, however, millennials feel that it’s effects will be most prevalent in education, health, and manufacturing. According to millennials, artificial intelligence solutions will be the next hottest technology trend across all industries. Contrastingly, 44% of millennials reported that they were not in favor of implants for increased capabilities and 51% reported that they would not trust robots to make decisions on their behalf. The Evolution of Technology and USB Cables – A Fascinating Tale! The millennial trust in technology isn’t as hard to get behind as you may think. Though the advancements in technology may replace some jobs, new jobs are always left in its wake. With new technology comes new jobs, more spending power, and increased efficiency in the workplace. These benefits of technology work together to improve the amount of jobs available. jobs

New Jobs

A recent study performed by consultants at Deloitte found that between 1871 to 2011, technology created more jobs than it replaced. Although many industries have lost jobs in that time period, such as agriculture and secretarial jobs, other industries have experienced a huge growth in available positions, such as software development, education and health care. However, a 2015 Webby research report showed that 77% of respondents felt that not keeping up with technology advancements would make them less employable. Being aware of the technological developments in your field and of the new jobs created by technology is one important way to maintain value within your industry as it continues to develop and change.

More Spending Power

As technology has improved, it has lowered the cost of many essential, everyday items. For example, technological advancements in agriculture have lowered the cost of growing and processing food, which makes the cost of food for consumers much lower. With the necessities of living less expensive, consumers now have more spending money. How Technology Makes Us See a Forest without Any Trees This increased spending power allows consumers to enjoy more luxuries, such as personal services, gadgets and vacations. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean we are living within our means. The rising number of people exploring credit card consolidation options is proof of that. With this spending power, there is a higher demand for these luxuries and a growing job market for them. Technology’s contribution to increasing spending power and expendable income allows for more positions to open to meet these demands.

Efficiency In The Workplace

Many developments in technology have worked to improve the efficiency of businesses in a variety of industries. From improving filing systems and office communication to upgrading hospital equipment and healthcare supplies, advancements in technology have saved businesses money and helped them improve their craft. As efficiency in the workplace improves, staff members can spend less time performing mundane tasks and focus on more crucial work. One positive side effect of improved business processes is the money saved from this increased efficiency. With less money being spent on tedious tasks, businesses can dedicate that extra money to hiring more qualified individuals to work at their company and increase the overall available jobs. The positive millennial outlook on technology is one we can all adopt. With the new developments in technology working to create new jobs, increase spending power, and improve efficiency in the workplace, we can expect to see great things from technology in the future.

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