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How to Get the Most Out of Your CRM


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crm customer-relationship-management

Most people involved in sales realize the importance of Customer Relationship Management software. CRM allows you to store all information related to your customers in one central hub. Contact information, leads, scheduled follow-ups, and marketing campaign results are all at your fingertips.

The question is, “Are you using your CRM to its fullest potential?” and “What is a CRM system and do I need it for my business?” Here are some tips for getting the most out of your real estate CRM system.

Education is key

Education CRM

It is vital that everyone using your CRM software for real estate be comfortable with using the system. The best way to achieve this is to make sure everyone is properly trained and using the system regularly. Changes to processes and procedures regarding the use of the CRM software should be introduced with care.

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Follow-up training should be conducted whenever new updates are introduced in order to ensure that the entire team is on the same page when it comes to how and when the system will be used. Salespeople who feel confident in what they’re doing will be more likely to fully utilize the tools they’re given, thus increasing their chances of success.

Standardize the Data Entry


How will names, addresses, and other contact information be entered?
Making sure that everyone entering data into the system is using an agreed upon standardized method for formatting the information will make it easier for that data to be accessed by someone else down the road.

Storing data in a centralized location for everyone to use is only helpful if everyone is using it in the same manner. Standardization eliminates any guess work when it comes to retrieving customer files and saves time and frustration for everyone involved. This can be quite tricky to organise, so if you’d like support it would be worth looking around for a company like SAP business one partners UK to get your CRM started.

You get what you give

Give & Recieve CRM

Your CRM software does not create data; it merely houses the date you provide. That’s why it’s critical that customer information be entered correctly. A simple transposition of the letters in an email address can mean the difference between a timely follow-up and a missed opportunity.

Imagine using a customer’s email address two weeks after you entered it into the system only to receive “Message Undeliverable” emails in return. Accurate information is essential for sales success. Mistakes can lead to frustration, extra work, and a possible loss of business down the road.

Automate your emails

Automate Email CRM

When it comes to email campaigns, CRM software truly is “set it and forget it.” Automating your emails is infinitely more efficient than managing them manually.

CRM systems allow you to create your emails once and put them on autopilot. Let the software do the work of sending the emails to customers at the preselected times. Doing so guarantees that potential customers will be reminded of the opportunities you can provide for them.

Reporting made easy

Reporting CRM

CRM systems allow you to easily and quickly generate sales reports and forecasts. If all the data you need has been accurately entered into the program, then a few clicks of the mouse is all you need to create the reports required to track sales and set future goals.

Data goes with you

Data CRM

The information stored in CRM software is mobile. You’re no longer dependent on hard files stored in the office filing cabinet. Take your filing cabinet with you in the form of a well-maintained, up-to-date CRM system. Salespeople are mobile; they’re leads should be, too.

Make use of add-ons and applications

Application CRM

There are many optional add-ons and applications that can improve the functionality of your current CRM software. For example, Adobe offers EchoSign.

This add-on works with Salesforce CRM to enable users to view, edit, sign, and file documents. Salesforce offers a program called AppExchange wherein users can access a variety of apps, both free and paid, to help streamline business practices related to CRM.

Be alerted by Google

Google CRM

Google is a wonderful business tool when paired with your CRM software.

According to business technology website,, you can set up Google Alerts for your customers that will send emails to your CRM system whenever the customer’s name is mentioned in a news article on the web. This allows you to better track the movements of your customers that could possibly indicate their readiness to move forward with your services.

Do you have a potential customer who just accepted a position with a new company across town from where he currently lives? A Google Alert can notify you of that change and open the door for you to offer your real estate services.

Using your CRM software wisely can not only lead to more sales, but it can do so while eliminating time spent on menial tasks, marketing campaigns, and follow-ups with potential clients.

If you don’t have a CRM system, then now is the time to implement one and learn all the ways it can benefit you and your business. The investment will be repaid to you in sales and satisfied customers.

For more information regarding the ideal use of CRM in real estate, please visit this website.

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