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5 Link Building Tactics That Should Win Big in 2017


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Link Building

Creating a blog or a website is relatively easy. The hard part is to make it rank high in the search results. Even though modern SEO (search engine optimisation) isn’t as focused on link building, you cannot afford to ignore link building as part of any SEO strategy. But how do you get quality links to your site or blog? Here are some of the link building tactics that will help your website rank fast in 2017.

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1. Get Links from High-Ranking Websites

The idea behind link building is to get as many inbound links as you can to your site. However, you must select the websites where you get links from carefully. Some links are unhealthy for your site. Get links from high-ranking sites in your niche. Check the website’s domain authority before sending your request for links. High-ranking websites will also consider your niche before granting your request. Focus on the quality of backlinks instead of the quantity. The finance industry is one area that turns to SEO techniques as a way of rising above their competitors. Payday loan companies and other similar services must constantly battle to offer the best deals and services. Follow the linked article to learn how payday loan companies can use linking techniques to improve their search rankings:

2. Create Quality Content

The response to your request for backlinks from authoritative sites depends on the content on your site. Create quality content to get quality inbound links. Great content will also help you generate organic traffic easily. Visitors to the website will stay longer if they find informative, accurate, and engaging content on your website. Do your homework to identify the current trends and topics in your niche. Build quality content around those topics and trends.

3. Create Link-Worthy Assets

By sending email requests to high-ranking websites for links, you are asking for a favour, which could be accepted or declined. Creating web assets enables you to build links without having to run around asking for links. To create link-worthy assets, you have to offer something that will benefit many people including online tutorials, freebies, and free tools that are niche-related.

4. Explore Infographics

One of the current SEO trends is creating and sharing infographics. The popularity of infographics has grown tremendously in the past few years and they are among the most high-ranking shared content items. The idea is to create and share informative and captivating infographics. You can then share them on forums and social media platforms. Ensure that each infographic has a link to your website at the bottom.

5. Hire a Link Building Service

Effective link building is time-consuming. Much effort and hard work have to go into getting backlinks from authoritative sites. Consider contracting an experienced and reputable link building service like Click Intelligence. By working with a good SEO firm, your website will be in the hands of experts who have tested and tried all link building tactics. The secret is to identify a service with proven results, great client portfolio, and fair rates, (Upwork has a decent selection of freelancers for link building services so it might be worth checking them out!) This will allow you to focus on other SEO strategies while the service generates links for your site.

Your link building strategies will have a direct influence on your website’s search engine ranking. Start with creating quality content for your website and then identify relevant websites in your niche. Shareable items like infographics will also help you to generate links. Alternatively, you can hire a link building service to do all the work for you. Remember that SEO is always changing. Hiring experts enables you to keep up with the current tactics.

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