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5 Enterprise Mobile Application Development Challenges That Company Faces


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Today, there are lots of enterprises that are implementing mobility as a central focus in their digital revolution across various worldwide industries. As per the recent EIU study, there are four out of five respondent businesses, who is investing deeply in mobile technology as a part of their digital strategy for the future. For example, something using software analytic for retail businesses, if you are interested in finding out more, you might want to check out something similar to

Do you know why mobile app popularity has been sharpened? It has led the various apps development to discover various methods and technologies to meet this growing demand. Cloud backend-as-a-Service can successfully fill this nagged, serving numerous valuable points.

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With the inception of smartphones and high-speed internet, it has further added to the fruitful placement and execution of enterprise apps over mobile. In the last couple of years, mobility has delivered enormous opportunities to a business in various ways among which mobile business intelligence and wireless ERPs are some of the apps on a mobile strategy.

However, there are lots of companies that are facing many challenges at the time of developing enterprise mobile application. In this post, we will have a look at the challenges that organizations face when developing enterprise mobile apps for their customers.

User Interface

Whether you are developing enterprise applications for your customers or employees, it is important that the functionality of the apps beats out the beauty in importance almost every single time. It is not about that some of the fundamentals will not be met – aesthetics will always be important; however, when it comes to enterprise apps, usability is the most important that comes before aesthetic concerns.

Today, people are making use enterprise application for various reasons like connecting with the brand, providing huge information about products or services, 24*7 support, etc. The main purpose of developing an enterprise application is to emphasize intuitiveness.

A highly effective way to do is using icons as they can be a wonderful foundation for developing a useful mobile UI. Therefore, you should use them to explain instantly a button’s functionality. Moreover, you do not forget that you can use, overuse hardware buttons as well. By adding this, you can add more intuitiveness to your application’s navigation.


Hiring the Right Team

For many organizations, mobile is a new capability, so whether you want to develop an employee-facing or customer-facing enterprise apps, it is essential that you hire the right team that can meet your requirements. After all, there aren’t many people who know how to create an app for a business so it’s best to bring in those who do know and can get the job done properly.

As the competencies, can be quite different among experts, so you should go with one such team that comprehends your requirements in detail and ready to deliver your desired solution. When it comes to developing customer-facing enterprise apps, these types of apps are quite expensive and lead to huge changes within an organisation.

Therefore, it is must that you need professionals and experienced team of developers, who really understand the mobile space along with your business and its problems to deliver instant solutions. Finding such skilled team is not as easy as you think, you need to be very careful.

As per the reports, approximately 55% of enterprise organizations are delivering apps successfully, so it is vital that you hire or outsourced your enterprise app development to a trusted mobile app development company that has a record of serving its customers exceptionally. It would be a good choice that you outsource your development work to reduce internal costs and build up internal knowledge. Perhaps you should outsource your data with managed it services from BFA or similar.

Quality of Applications

When it comes to developing a customer-centric, developing a qualitative application is the most important aspect of the success or failure of the app depends on this. For the right user-friendliness, users of applications are not considering the functionality; however, they also look for the design and look of the application.

In any case, if the applications are not engaging its users for its business purpose and it is not instinctive from the user’s perspective, there are high chances that the app may not be deployed for further use, affecting the reputation of the developing organization.

Native Development Plays Significant Role

It is highly important that enterprise apps for customers should be unspoiled as such apps are reflecting the brand and the main touch point between the company and its customers. Already mentioned above that you should delight your customers as it is essential, so the user experience needs to be unparalleled.

In addition to this, there is a huge difference in delivering customer-facing apps and internal enterprise apps as you must be cutting-edge to deliver and recall your customers. It is necessary that you recall your customers as It is coming from mobile-first start-ups and industry disruption.

  • Improved Performance and Speed of Application
  • Native Applications are known for working wonderfully with the hardware
  • Instantly new platform features can be integrated
  • Leverage the UX and UI conventions, which are exceptions to each platform

App Security

Whether developing an application for your customers’ needs or for your employees, it is a must that you consider application’s security in mind. This is the most common challenge that various companies are facing.

For some of the important apps that are related to finance or mobile software dealing with company’s important data like ERP, CRM and more there is a strong need of securing the application at each level of the code, which is where solutions like Mobile App Security Testing may come into play.

Any kind of data or manipulation can cause some of the serious problems in your organizations, so make sure that while discussing with the team about the development, you asked them to emphasize on embedding the security features of the OS.


So, these are key challenges that various companies are facing while enterprise app development project. Thus, you need to be careful while hiring a mobile app development company; you should choose one that has expertise in the development and clearly understand your needs.
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