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The Problem

Despite being an established corporation, Wound Care Surgeons’ online presence was almost non-existant as were their internet marketing efforts from their side before I joined them as chief of online strategy. Thich was seriously undermining their growth potential achievable from online marketing.

The Results

I setup their online presence and created campaigns to increase their brand awareness online and used email campaigns to reach out to and convert giant prospects into clients.

4 new Giant Clients

in just 2 months


Residual Revenue

My Strategy

Method #1

Website Optimization

Redesigned and optimized the website

I rebuilt their website from the ground up. The site’s scheduling form is specifically catered to serve the needs of the client.

Did basic SEO setup of website

I setup Analytics, webmaster tools, AdWords campaigns. Optimized meta tags and listed the website in relevant web directories.

Method #2

Local SEO

Google local business page

I created, verified, and optimized their Google local business page.

Maps and Schemas

Map and schema created for Google My Business page to help Google bots index the contents of the page.

Method #3

Creating Social Media Presence


I built, optimized and created all the content and generated 500 plus likes within two weeks.


Built and generated more than 60k targeted followers in just one month. It has resulted in major brand awareness.

Method #4

Ran Campaigns

Collected email addresses of prospects

I collected over 30k emails of specific individual within the target company.

Ran email campaign

I created an email template for the campaign and tailored every outgoing email.

Radio Ad

Because of the local scope of business, I ran radio ads for the company which played a major role in creating a name and presence and certainly played a role in conversion of the prospects.

Cold Calling Campaigns

After collecting a huge list of prospects and their contact numbers, I ran a Cold Calling campaign and also trained the company’s staff on the psychology of cold calling.

Method #5

Content Creation and Marketing.

Created Infographic

I got an Infographic designed for the company which both educates people and markets the business at the same time.

Doodle Video

I created script and design of a persuasive doodle video for the company to get the information through to a prospect in a more interactive way rather than sending out the same information in a long and boring copy.


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