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How Tracking Time Can Boost Your Company Profits


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For many companies, one of the most crucial things is finding ways to cut all kinds of unwanted costs. While many dig through various features of their business but often end up ignoring one simple thing that could actually save them. Wondering what? It is the tracking time. There are tens of thousands of software available in the market that could efficiently track and provide you an analysis of how you spend your time and on what. There is N number of ways that a time tracker can help you in cutting unnecessary costs and improve your profits. By getting software that helps you to keep track of your expenses, it can show business owners where they could potentially cut some costs. Many businesses have recently been using Filecenter’s software (downloaded from here) to help them manage their expenses. By tracking expense receipts, businesses can see where their money is going. Hopefully, business owners will notice that some of these bills could be reduced or cut, giving the business more money in the long run.

Here is why time tracking software is essential to run your business efficiently.

— One of the main reasons why time tracking is efficient in enhancing your profit margins is because it makes sure that your employees get paid for only what they did. Many businesses even today depend on hourly wages to pay their staff and this is where time tracking helps you from overpaying. Assuming that your employees work for 9 or 10 hours a day is completely an assumption and it only makes them work as and when they like but a mandatory thing. Let’s say if an employee comes 5 minutes late to the office every day. You might think 5 minutes is not a big deal but if you actually count that adds up to 20 hours in a year. That means 2 working days. And again you think you won’t save much by not paying the employee 2 days salary but what if every employee in the office comes late say 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or even 15 minutes. That’s a huge amount..right?

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— Many businesses try to put their efforts in tracking time of their employees but the whole process can be a little trickier than you think it is. Let me explain. If an employee is running late to the office then his/her friend might just log in and this of kind of pal punching can ruin your whole strategy of time tracking and overpaying your employees. Employees do it because they don’t understand the costs and expenditures involved in running a business and managers are so ignoring such things that they don’t consider it important. Nevertheless, such issues are just one side of time tracking and there are many other such things.

— In many companies, other than hours based there are employees who get salary on a monthly basis. In such cases, you may think that it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t track time. But the fact is that it does matter. Don’t you think even you salaried employees should show up on time and work effectively during working hours? Once they met certain project deadline then they will be less focused to work. But when you track their time you can make sure that they are working productively no matter what because they know they are being tracked. This way you can boost your business overall productivity and increase profits.

You don’t have to make your managers turn upside down to track your employees time. There are many easy time tracking apps and PC software that are available readily in the market they not only do boost your profits but also improve employee productivity.

Simple But Accurate Payroll Processing

In simple terms, time tracking software can help you to make accurate and concise payroll calculations for both your employees and the firm. Besides, it is hard to say that any company can prosper if it is overpaying or underpaying its employees. In such scenarios, time tracking can assist you by precisely calculating your payroll. Additionally, this type of payroll software can even be used for employees who do overtime and work variable timeslots. Put simply, now that you have got an idea about how you and your employees can benefit from time tracking, you can start to see that it is easy to stay productive in terms of time and profitable in terms of money. That is not all though. If you are in the film production industry, you could utilize software by GreenSlate in your film production payroll.

Saves a Lot of Time

Especially for small and medium businesses, this software can help in making more streamlined and effective communications and this saves a hell of a lot of time for you. Whether it is the cloud or on premises, this can help you in unifying and eliminating unwanted processes by providing real-time visibility. It is becoming essential in businesses as the workforce is going mobile.

Minimize Man-made Mistakes

The processes made by us are usually susceptible to human mistakes. Shifting from a manual recording method to a tracking software can actually make the efforts simpler and help avoid the possibility of data-entry errors. One more thing, having a centralized place for all your important data can assist you in preventing or at least minimize the risk to some extent. Though not immediately, it will reduce errors and redundancy by automating the processes.

Stay Compliant

One of the crucial things that any business face today is compliance. Let’s say, there are chances for a legal issue to raise if your employees’ number of hour worked, tea-time breaks, and overtime hours are not tracked accurately. By doing a quick search into something simple as small business payroll, deploying a software you make sure such issues stay out of your business and help you. This way you can ensure your company remains compliant.

Time tracking can be implemented in various ways. What works for one company may not work for the others. Nevertheless, investing in software is good in the long run for your company and for yourself. Right from keeping your employees motivated and accuracy in billing to saving your precious business time, a time tracking software does it all for you. All you need to do is do some basic research on available brands in the market and get the right one. What one brand offers features in software not necessarily match with other brands. There are different brands and different features that are included with time tracking. So you need to dig up a little to check what exactly you want and what they are offering.

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