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Tools that can help us through an analysis of the page we want to investigate


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When you are going to start creating a website, you usually browse the Internet and find sites that we like, and we want to do something similar and we don’t know what technology they are using. To know that CMS (WordPress, Joomla !, Drupal, PrestaShop, etc.) and which templates, plugins are using a website, there are several tools that can help us through an analysis of the page you want to investigate.

When searching the Internet for information on certain websites, you want to know the CMS that is used to build the website, such as knowing what template a website uses because it might have called your attention and you would like to design one of similar structure.

What is a CMS?

The first thing you may wonder is that it is cms, and the usual and fastest response is that it is a dynamic content manager that allows you to create and manage websites made with WordPress cms, prestashop cms, Joomla cms or other usual cms to design websites such as Drupal, Magento, Moodle that is used for online training, etc.

A CMS detector can let you know what wordpress theme a page has, with which a website is made and obtain details that can serve as a reference in your search.

It is not about performing Spying or Sniffing, but a fairly common process that is Benchmarking:

  1. Built With

    Built With is a fairly complete online tool, since it reveals a lot of information on a website: server technology, hosting provider, CMS used, JavaScript libraries, analytics tools, coding, etc.

    2. W3Techs

    Similar to Built With, since it has aspects common to the previous tools, it can be used to compare results, and get some more information that the previous tool does not offer.

    3. is an online tool that reveals only that CMS (content manager) may be using a website. It will only tell us if the website uses Joomla !, Drupal, WordPress, etc.

    4. CMS Detector

    Similar to the tool at the beginning it only shows you the CMS that a website uses, but you can click on “Click here to fully analyze …” and then it will present a report with general information about the website, the ranking, indexed pages, social networks, etc.

    5. Guess

    Like the CMS Detector tool it does not show much information at the beginning, but it indicates in what percentage it thinks that it uses such technology. To see a more complete report, click on “Fetch additional headers and other information for this url”. It may be useful to use Guess also to compare the results with the previous tools.

    6. WordPress Theme Detector

    WordPress Theme Detector is an online tool that analyzes a website made with the WordPress CMS, offers data such as template name (theme), official template page, version, license, authors, etc … and the plugins used.


As you have seen throughout the article, there are many online tools that allow you to analyze a website, in a non-aggressive or illegal way to know what content manager it is, what theme a certain website uses, who is the creator of the theme, what version of the theme you have installed and also other data such as installed plugins. Need more info about this? Just visit


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