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11 Phrase That’ll Keep Motivated As An Entrepreneur When You’re down


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11 Phrase That'll Keep Motivated As An Entrepreneur When You're down

Do you find it difficult to stay motivated? Are you looking for something that will inspire you to break through the struggle and pursue your dreams?

I think we’ve all faced those times. And there’s no shame in admitting it.

Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur When You're down

What we need is to do something about it. If you find any of these phrases useful surrounding yourself with them in your workspace could change your whole ethic. Try visiting to find a bright and colourful way to surround yourself with inspirational quotes to keep you motivated no matter what!

Here are some of the phrases that successful people say to themselves every day. Next time you’re feeling tired, unmotivated, or flat-out discouraged, try these on.

How to Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur When You’re down

1. “Go to bed.”

If you want to start every day with a spring in your step, feeling alert, motivated, and focused, then you have to get enough sleep.

That latest episode of Game of Thrones will still be available when you wake up the next tomorrow.

Save that fun for the weekend and be disciplined during the week by getting to bed on time so that you can feel great and function at your best.

Arianna Huffington attributes her success as an entrepreneur to getting 8 hours of sleep a night. If she can manage a media empire and still get 8 hours in, then so can you.

Even If you have to get a good mattress for back pain, Buy it. You don’t wanna get tensed cuz of that.

2. “Things will get better.”

Negative thoughts require more mental RAM than positive ones. They take longer to get over and generate much more powerful emotions.

So start each day with positive thoughts and break out of your negative thought patterns.

Sound tough? Make it a habit.

Start by writing down three things you are thankful for on sticky notes and put them on your mirror or office planner.

Look at them throughout the day to remind yourself of the good things in life, and negativity will naturally disappear.

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3. “Say hello.”

Isolation breeds discontent and loneliness.

It also creates a work life that is detrimental to your creativity and collaboration.

This is a team sport and we need other people to succeed at the game of life.

Everyone in your office has something to offer, so get out of your comfort zone and be social throughout the day.

You will likely learn something you never knew before. And who knows, taking the time out of your day to say hello to someone else could lead to making a new best friend, future business partner, or even spouse.

4. “Enjoy your lunch.”

Working straight through lunch not only drains your body of fuel and nutrients, but is detrimental to your mental well being.

Take the time out of your day to enjoy your lunch away from your desk.

Talking with friends, or enjoying a quiet meal by yourself will allow you to mentally recharge and return to your work with a fresh set of eyes.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that taking an hour or more off of work before resuming your previous tasks leads to increased productivity and happiness at work.

5. “Go for a walk.”

When Richard Branson was asked how to be productive, he responded with a single phrase: “work out.”

If the Virgin Emperor can make time in his day for physical activity, then so can you.

Taking a break from work and going on a ten to twenty minute walk will allow you to clear your head, get the blood flowing in your body, and spark your creativity.

And of course there is the added reward of receiving a huge dose of amazing neurochemicals like endorphins, and living longer than your sedentary peers.

6. “Let it go.”

To be successful and keep motivated even when the world seems like it is caving in, you have to know when to let something go.

When things are not going your way or if a problem arises in the office, accept it, do what you can, and then let it go.

If you’ve had a hard conversation with a boss and his or her comments are still with you, think through the validity of the comments, decide whether to accept or reject them, and If there is nothing that you can do to change it…

Just let it go.

The quicker you are able to forgive yourself and others, the quicker you can focus your attention and energy on the present moment.

7. “Start small.”

While setting lofty goals is great, and should be a cornerstone of everyone’s life, focusing only on the 10-20 year plan can be highly detrimental to your overall health and achievement.

It’s hard to feel happy when you’re constantly reminded just how far you are from where your want to be.

So have your big, ambitious, 10X goals, but also write a set of smaller, more measurable goals that you can tackle daily, weekly, monthly, or even hourly.

You’ll feel empowered every time you complete a small goal. It’s like a daily workplace reward!

8. “Write it down.”

Every morning make a checklist of those small goals you want to accomplish for the day. Place them in a prominent place, such as on whiteboard or in a Google document or a board in Trello.

Return to them throughout the day until your small goal checklist is complete.

Start with three daily goals and increase them gradually. If you find that you have achieved them all before lunch, add more.

9. “Celebrate.”

When you meet those small goals, celebrate!

The small victories in the workplace are just as important as the big ones, and psychologically, they can make you feel better about your contributions and purpose in the workplace. Over time, this can have a positive impact on your mental health.

Moreover, it is for these reasons that some workplaces even offer employee assistance programs to help employees to manage their mental health and wellbeing. Correspondingly, you can find more info about the potential benefits of employee assistance programs by doing some research online.

10. “Turn off the lights.”

At the end of the day, leave when it’s time to leave the office; leave the office. While you may love your job, it is imperative that you have a good work life balance.

If you can, leave the paperwork and laptop at home for the next day. Turn the lights off, and go home.

Let all of your work for the day stay at the office, and come home without the stress of work weighing on your shoulders.


At some point we all feel the burden of our work life.

We’re tired. We are burned out. We need change.

You may not always love your job, but you can learn to be successful at it every day regardless of how you are feeling.

You can learn to be happy even when things don’t go as you expect them to be.

It’s going to take a little time to form these empowering habits, but when you do, you’ll be able to take on anything at work and walk away knowing that you were successful.

What are some things that you say to yourself to keep yourself motivated and encouraged?

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