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How to Start Building Your Own Professional Brand


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Building your own personal brand is key when you are a working professional. It doesn’t matter if you currently work for an employer or are freelance. If you want to move your career forward, you need to take your personal brand into your own hands.

The Benefits of Being In Charge of Your Personal Brand

There is so much that you can do once you start marketing your knowledge and expertise on your own time.

Solidifies Your Expertise

When you create content online, you are showing off your knowledge and expertise. This, in turn, can help solidify you as an industry leader. You can then take this status to get better ranking jobs, or you can start being your own boss. Either way, by creating content and showcasing your ability online, you expand your career prospects.

Great for Recruitment Purposes

Recruiters look you up online. They may not do it for everyone, but they will certainly do it for their top choices. If you pop up at the top of the result and have accolades, guest posts on big publications, and a very successful blog you very well might have secured your place at a new company.

Potential for Digital Income

Create content, create digital workshops, be a consultant – all of these options can be done online on your own time to boost your income. Take this on full time or keep it as a side business.

How to Build Your Own Professional Brand

Creating a successful professional brand is not easy, but with these steps an ongoing dedication you can master it.

Start a Website

You need a digital place to focus on. Think of your website as your online head office. It is here that you want to post in-depth content like blog posts, articles, or even research. It is here you want people to visit, and to perhaps one day subscribe, buy, or hire you from.

Create a Thriving Social Media Community

Social media can be very useful for building up your own brand, but you need to know how to use it effectively. Thankfully there are plenty of online resources available to you, like HTTP-COM. Visit these resources for articles, guides, and tips on how you can improve your digital marketing and website so that your goals finally become a reality.

Give Talks

Giving talks is a great way to boost your reputation and get key public speaking experience. You don’t need to start in person, either. Create helpful tutorial videos for your followers, and then get in touch with your industry’s community. Small organizations, in particular, are a great place to star because they would be more than happy to host you at their events.

As your reputation grows, so too will the prestige and reach of these events.

Hold Workshops

Workshops are great because they can be monetized and are very popular. You can create a workshop for any topic and can teach a new generation your skills.

Become a Thought Leader

Become a thought leader by posting on your own site and guest posting on other sites. Reach out to key publications with an idea and pitch it to them. Then follow through with an engaging, informative, and well-written article. The more often you can get onto top sites, the better it will be for your career.

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