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Reasons to Buy Proxies and What to Consider When Choosing Proxy a Service


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I know as you read this article you expect to know the reasons why one should buy proxies be it residential proxies or any other type of proxies in the market today. We have tried to include in this article, the factors to consider when choosing a proxy service.

Proxies can be exceptionally helpful both for your business and personal use to secure your online activities and for your marketing needs. Remember finding proxies is easier than finding the genuine and dependable proxies. There are several proxies that can be used for SEO reasons.

1. Proxies help to bypass restricted sites

There are other regions like Russia, China, and North Korea that restrict certain websites like as it’s an adult porn site. Education institutions also restrict certain sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels making them inaccessible to students within the institution. Using a proxy server like one of the ones available from the Pirate proxy list, you are guaranteed access to these blocked sites since it enables you to bypass the restrictions.

However, if you would prefer to do this at an operating system level instead of an application level then it may be better to use a VPN as they are more reliable than proxies. For many, using a vpn to unblock xvideos and other restricted sites is the better option is it’s important you look into the different options.

2. Proxy servers boost your online security

In today’s digital world full of hackers and cybercriminals, computer hackers use your system IP address to hack your computers or mobile phones. When you access the internet using private proxy servers, it will hide your device IP address. This will enhance your online security thus eliminating your fears of getting traced. Using a reliable proxy site similar to filterbypass proxy that make use of remote proxy servers ensures that your browsing remains secure. It also does not involve much hassle or the need for deep technical knowledge.

3. Allows you to browse the internet unidentified

A proxy server hides your real IP address thus enabling you access to the internet as anonymous. This means that when accessing the internet through a proxy server, you will be logging into the system devoid of IP address. A proxy server also enables faster internet access than a VPN.

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4. Dependability, safety, and speed

These are the essential things to put into consideration when choosing a proxy service. Ensure the proxy service you are choosing is reliable. In addition to that, you should ensure that your connection is extremely faster, safe and protected. Availability is also another factor which you should consider.

You can use several means to get reliable and safe proxy service and one of the methods is by using the direct approach, whereby, you simple search on the web. The web will give you several links to various proxy providers. Once you get your appropriate proxy provider, you need to call them directly or use any means to contact them to find out more information about their services. A genuine proxy provider will always have an authentic contact link that you can use to connect with them.

5. Consider the location of the proxy

The proxy server provider should be on the location that you needed. We recommend that you choose a proxy provider who is close to your physical location. This will allow you to get proxy servers that will give you faster proxy speed. Therefore the best thing to do is to ensure you choose the proxy which is located in the same region as yours so that you get fast proxy connection.


Private proxies are recommended for SEO projects especially for a long term project. Scraped proxy for SEO is sometimes unreliable. Private proxies also guarantee uptime connectivity.
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