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And Lo! There Was Google! – Rafi Chowdhury Takes You on a Round Up at the Google Headquarters


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Rafi Chowdhury

No matter how long I have been around in the United States of America, there is one thing which I had intended to do, but never did – Go to Google! Not on my computer; I am talking about the Google Headquarters at Mountain View California. Yes! 2016 ultimately took me there, and not alone. I went with a friend of mine, and believe me; both of us were awe-stricken at the sight of the spectacular edifice.

Not only was I impressed by how organized the premises were but also by so many other things that I didn’t new were there, like the merchandise store.

Anyway, I had a real blast seeing around with my friend Chin. So, how about I show you around the Silicon Valley?


Of course it we’re not here at the Google headquarters yet. For those of you who may not know, the Golden Gate Bridge is in San Francisco. It spans the Golden Gate Strait to join the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

We stopped to see it and hold it in our hands and it was a sight that was indeed lovely.

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The next on our itinerary was definitely the Google office at Mountain View and so, we reached 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA. And, what a view did the mountain present us with


And here I am, adding more charm… LOL

Google Headquarter

So, once we were there, we had two choices – to walk around, or to cycle. So, cycle we did. But it was a vast choice, indeed. Tada!!!


And who did we meet on the way? Mr. Android. He has been waiting right there.


And he had company of dear Mr. Honeycomb and Mr. Kitkat, Ms Jelly Bean, our buddy Ice Cream Sandwich, the delicate Miss Ginger Bread and our chum Lollipop – all in perfect harmony!


And there was also this merchandise store that surprised me. There were clothes, computer accessories, even plastic ware, caps and what not. This is actually the first physical merchandise store that Google has introduced, and honestly, I loved.

There is more that I loved, and here are some more pictures that tell you how much I liked this place.

Google HeadquarterGoogle Campus

Travel BlogGoogle CampusTravel Blog

And hey, I got to see the Walt Disney Family Museum too.

It was real fun guys and I really appreciate the efforts that are being made to make this place better every day. But I am still wondering one thing

Google Headquarter

What does it take to get in here?

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