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Improving Your Company’s Internal Communication In 3 Steps


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A business needs highly efficient internal communication if it is to succeed. A business that communicates effectively will run a streamlined, highly efficient, and watertight operation, which will optimize the performance of the entire company. This is easier said than done, however, as internal communications is a complex area and one which many businesses struggle with particularly if they have a large and/or remote workforce. If you feel that internal communications are an issue in your business or if you have plans to launch a company and want to get off to a strong start then here are three steps to take which will improve internal comms.

Use An Open Door Policy

One of the most effective ways to improve internal communications is to lead by example and to encourage staff to come to you with any thoughts, ideas, or concerns that they might have relating to the business. An open-door policy can greatly improve communication throughout the entire company as it will take down barriers (physical and mental) between management and employees.

Leading on from this, you should also make sure that you are offering regular feedback to staff members. This ensures that they know where they stand, and they will feel more confident and secure in their position. This should have a knock-on effect and improve communication throughout the entire company.

Use Tools & Technology

There are all kinds of tools and technology that can be used to improve internal communications. For instance, UCaaS solutions are a brilliant way to deliver seamless and secure communication across multiple channels – this website goes over it in more detail. Another example is cloud computing. It can make it easy for teams to share, edit, and collaborate on documents no matter where they are which is key if you have staff that often work remotely.

Another helpful tool to use is messaging solutions from places like This uses the latest technology to automate the flow of communication throughout the business with text, email, and voice messaging. This can greatly improve communication while reducing operating costs.

Arrange Regular Social Events

Communication naturally flows better when people like and feel comfortable around people. Therefore, arranging regular social events will help employees to bond and form productive relationships back on the work floor. This can also create a relaxed yet productive environment in the workplace and will help to keep morale high as well as help you to retain staff.

While team-building events and activities can be effective and should be considered, you might find that more relaxed, informal events are much more effective at improving internal communications. This is because they are more laid-back and natural occasions so people will not have to feel anxious or like they are performing. A few good social events to arrange include drinks after work, a meal in a nice restaurant, a weekend away somewhere or a staff BBQ in the summer.

When you are able to improve internal communications it can help to improve productivity, streamline the entire operation, and create a positive working environment which everyone can benefit from. Improving internal comms can also be a huge challenge particularly when you have been working one way for a long time, but the above steps should help to deliver powerful and lasting results.

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