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Guide to Increasing Traffic to Your Website Through Instagram Marketing


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Guide to Increasing Traffic to Your Website Through Instagram Marketing

There are many questions entrepreneurs have about social media marketing. Over the last few years, Instagram has gained a significant share of image-based social networking, which businesses too now explore as a reliable channel to drive traffic to their websites. So, do you use Instagram for online business marketing?

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There are a lot of simple tips everyone can try out in bringing in good website traffic through Instagram. If this isn’t one reason to help update your business’ website, then I don’t know what is. A website is the first place anyone visits to check out your services and products. If you are considering updating your site, maybe start off by checking out something like these king kong online agency reviews and then see whether using the assistance of a professional digital marketing company may make such a difference. Plus you never know if you don’t try. In this article, we will discuss a few major ones who are successfully tried out regarding generating website traffic.


#1: Link from the bio

The place where you can add a link back to your business website is your Instagram bio, which needed to be widely used. Instagram followers know where to look for to reach to you right if you like your posts. Instagram will let you include a clickable link to the bio.

This always needs not be the home page URL, but you can also change it based on the requirement of the time as by leading them to a landing page for a promotional offer or a product page, etc. To add this link, simply go to the Edit Profile option and then access the text box to enter URL.

#2: Use the analytics dashboard

With the analytics feature on Instagram, you can get a perfect insight about what usually people focus more. Monitoring it over a period, you can identify which strategy works the best and what to be avoided regarding getting more followers and leads. Focus on the high-performing post types and devise an adequate content strategy.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

You can easily track the Instagram clicks and can increase the subscribers and thereby the overall revenue through online content, email campaigns, and new letters. With the analytics tool, you can track the click-through rates and also understand from where all these clicks come from.

You can effectively use this approach for any types of links as an e-com portal, general blog, YouTube channel, or a landing page, etc. Going a step ahead, you can also custom create an Instagram landing page also which capture the user email ID, and contact info through some downloadable content offered as an ebook or so.

Instagram Marketing

#3: Adding a call to action

Instagram photos can convert if you design it well and put it at the right place, right time, to the right Instagram followers. On doing it well, you can also tie a call to action and get traffic to your website to ultimately convert and if you want more and more Instagram followers, you can contact smm reseller panel

You can invite the followers to enroll into a contest or get free access to what you offer for a limited period etc. through Instagram. A well-placed image with description can surely drive the users to the bio section and then to get connected with the website.

#4: Videos with URLs

Instagram not only features images, but you can post videos too on this platform. Videos are the new-generation mode of storytelling, be it anything you want to share with your prospective customers. A recent study has shown that Instagram videos can bring in almost three times more traffic than simply images.

The Next 8 Things You Should Do for Instagram Success

So, it is beneficial for businesses to try out a small video to share the content with the target audience effectively. It is easy to incorporate a URL to be shown while the video is running, which the users can instantly search for.

#5: Instagram paid ads

Instagram had recently introduced an API which can be explored by the businesses to plan for more specifically targeted ads to the right audience. By investing in it, you can rightly target your most prospective audience based on the consumer interest, customer demography, geographical locations, etc.

It is a good idea to spend a little sum on Instagram paid ads too along with your well-set Instagram strategy to see some outstanding results and conversions through this platform. The significant advantage of Instagram ads is the allowance of clickable links, which gives the business users an option to be more creative and transfer the followers instantly to your website and generate direct leads and revenue. This can be challenging to calibrate for success if you are unfamiliar with the Instagram platform. If you are struggling, you could work with marketing experts similar to elitelawyermanagement (if you own a law firm, for example). They provide social media marketing services that will have you gaining followings from your Instagram ads in no time.

There are options now for the carousel, image, and video ads as Sponsored Instagram ads. Having a large number of followers of social media platforms like Instagram is very important nowadays. Fortunately, ” can make this happen for you.

#6: Using influencers

Along with the generic approach to Instagram promotions, you may also need an extra push to build a reputation. This can be achieved efficiently by working closely with the influencers who can amplify the message and take it to more people.

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As the first step, try to connect with the primary influencers in your niche area. Create highly effective content for Instagram and request the influencers to try and promote it by being a reliable source. Influencers used to have a lot of ardent followers who trust their advice and reviews.

To find the proper for your brand influencers check out Buzzweb social media growth tool and its Influencer Discovery feature. Plenty of its filters will help you to make the right choice. Aa well as Campaign Report feature will help you to collect and analyze all your influencer marketing campaigns made anywhere anytime.

The last word

Growing far above an image-oriented personal social network site, Instagram has now become a fully revenue-based business channel, which may even outperform Twitter or Google+ regarding ad sales and lead generation by the coming years. So, as a business person, you need to have a solid Instagram strategy to drive more leads and revenue through this platform.
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