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How to Create a Dating App like Tinder


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When it comes to dating app, Tinder is among the first ones to come on mind.

Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app but has branched out to provide more services, making it more of a general social media application. Matching is based on Facebook and Spotify profiles.

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Dating App

The app was launched in 2012 by Hatch Labs. After changing the initial clicking into swiping, Tinder became the first “swipe app.” Users use swipe feature to choose between good and bad matches. In October 2014 the number of swipes made more than one billion per day.

Today, Tinder is available in about 30 languages and widely used throughout the world by 50 million of users.

If you are thinking of building like-Tinder dating app here are some insights on how to create a dating app and if it is worth doing it. The pros would be a good amount of profit, especially if you target a specific niche that the top apps barely cover. The cons is that there are already a few apps out there which this article will soon discuss. You can start off by clicking the guide we linked, but you can also search the top rated apps for hook ups or dating and do some market research into the competition.

If you are thinking of Tinder as the most known online dating app, you probably do not know the whole picture. The truth is that Tinder was the most downloadable app in 2015 sharing the chart with another market leader London-based Badoo. However, as you can see from the infographic below, Tinder and Badoo are not the only two the globe is familiar with. Which means there is a good news and there is still enough space for other dating apps.

Dating App

Plus, that’s not even taking into account the apps which favour an even more modern look at dating. Whilst a lot of users of apps like Tinder and Badoo are actually looking for love, plenty just use it as a way of finding casual hookups. This information has led to some apps being created, like Meet And Fuck (which you can find here) for example, which are solely for those looking for casual and sex-based relationships. Unsurprisingly, these are just as popular, if not more so, than the major dating apps.

What Is Your Target Audience

Who do you think your potential user is? What is their age? What will they have in common? What is the main concept of your dating app? You should think of something truly different because if you dig deeper, you will get to know there are much more dating apps with various concepts. So, maybe there is one missing on the list? Before you answer have a look at some dating apps, you probably did not know! However, they exist and unite people that sometimes have crazy things in common.

Dating App

7 Coolest Ecommerce Trends of 2017

  • Grindr. The app that actually preceded Tinder. Grinder is known as the world’s largest gay social network.
  • OkCupid. An American-based international operating online dating, friendship, and social networking website that features member-created quizzes and multiple-choice questions.
  • Her. The biggest app for lesbian, bisexual and queer women worldwide.
  • Hater. A dating app that matches you based on what you hate.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel Private and free online dating app for singles looking for real relationships. The app sends just one “bagel” a day, and you have 24 hours to “like” or “pass” on your bagel.
  • TasteBuds Meet new people who share your music interests.
  • DragonFruit A dating app for geeks made by geeks.
  • FarmersOnly an online dating service for down to earth folks such farmers, cowboys, cowgirls.
  • Bristlr A dating app for man and women who are beard lovers.

As you can see, there is a variety of apps, and each of them has their own user base, which means some people are not looking for the most popular apps but for those to reflect their interest in fullest. Who knows maybe you will be the one to create an app for sports addicted or quite the opposite for food lovers. The concept and its promotion is what really matters.

First, there was UX/UI

The same as people, who meet for the first time, pay attention to appearance, your users will assess the app interface. If you have a clear message you want to convey to your users, UI should reflect your concept and as well. Otherwise, you risk being misunderstood. When working on the UX/UI try to stick to the following rules. Some of these important rules have been documented on the TL Templates website.

Dating App


  1. Clear and intuitive navigation
  2. If you are using some unusual gestures, make a quick tutorial with explanations or pictures for better understanding how to use the app.
  3. Choose colours and style according to your target audience. Keep in mind the choice will differ whether your app is for youth or more elderly people.
  4. Make profiles info readable and easy to access.
  5. Try to take into account the latest design and colour tendencies to make the app look fresh and up to date.

That Feature

The core functionality for any dating app is as follows.

  • Registration/login/Facebook or Instagram integration.
  • Profiles
  • Matching algorithms
  • Search engine
  • Settings
  • Chatting
  • Geolocation
  • Push-notifications
  • Admin panel

Apart from a compulsory list of features, the app won’t do without there are some unnecessary but still so interesting features your user will appreciate. You can also add those features that actually make your app differ from others, something your app will be associated with.

  1. Security and censoring. Surprise, surprise! Well, let your users decide whether they want to see inappropriate content before it is delivered. If the dick picture is sent, it should be recognized and censored. The user can have an option to reveal the content or leave it as it is.
  2. Transparent blacklist and rate system. Let the users know whether they should waste their time on someone. If the person was blocked by more than one person, your users have a right to know about it. You can also add another option to let people rate others profiles. If you had a positive experience of communication with someone, why not to let the others know about it.
  3. How many matches would a match? If you think you have found your perfect match and started to take it seriously, it is always good to know whether your match feels the same. Add a feature to see how many other potential matches your partner is chatting with to know their intentions. The feature should show a relevant data, for example, it can count how many other people your match has talked to since “the day you met.”

Dating App

The Importance of Redesigning Your Website

  1. T9, sick my duck or let me explain. How many times have your sent a message without any other opportunity to edit it? Don’t be so cruel. Let your users edit already sent messages or delete them from both histories. At least there is something that can be changed.
  2. First date options. To encourage people to meet for the first time, let them both choose what they expect from the first date. It can be “Dinner,” “Movie” or a “Walk.” Think of your own options and make it more up to real life. If the choice coincides for both partners, they would feel less pressure when going out for the first time with no idea of what to expect.
  3. Show me your profile, I’ll tell you who you are. Offer your users several options to customise their profiles according to their preferences. For example, they can choose between fonts, color schemes, and layouts. Let them finally play the fonts and exclude the Comic Sans just in case
  4. Wasted. Unmatched. Finish him. Well, sometimes people make mistakes or try something new. There should be an option to unmatch with someone or un-swipe the wrong choice.
  5. Compliments or wishes instead of boring notifiers. Sometimes it is nice to get a word of encouragement even from a dating app. Turn your push-notifications into a nice way to cheer up a lonely person.
  6. Match markers. A quick preferences list on someone’s profile is a good time-saving option especially when the time is always not enough. Favorite movies, books, food or music, can help you to make the first impression about person nature and lifestyle. Add some creativity by adding an option to choose the favorite Game of Thrones character or a world-famous couple of nowadays of past centuries.
  1. Stickers, emoji or gifs. This is a must-have list of any chatting room or messenger. Think what else can be added or changed forever in the way people communicate.


As you can see communication still rules the world. No matter what makes people use dating apps, whether it is a real wish to meet a soul mate or a fun way to spend leisure time. Some people love to find sex in easier ways and apps like this help with that. the guide to sex in the usa would also help. If you think you can give them something new and grasp their attention for a certain period, go ahead with implementing your idea. Make sure you have a strong monetization strategy and investment as long as you don’t do it just for fun. If you think you can change the way people get acquainted and bring real innovation to this sphere, the success will follow.

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