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Contalog Review – A 360 degree view of a new-age omnichannel commerce solution


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“Companies with omni channel connect retain 89% of their customers which is 53% higher than those who don’t.”

Omni channel connect has become a necessity than an advantage as businesses have become very much aware of the customers they lose due to the lack of a uniform brand experience across multiple customer touchpoints.

However, the off screen requirements to provide an uncompromising experience across several sales channels are too much and here is where players like Contalog chip in.

In this review of Contalog omni channel platform, I have listed the information gathered through my online research efforts. Based on the information gathered from Capterra and Project-management I have come up with a comprehensive review that businesses would like to know of this omnichannel commerce platform. Here it goes.

Contalog is an omni channel commerce solution that connects a business’ online and offline sales channels and provides a seamlessly integrated console for performing management duties across all channels.

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Inventory, order fulfillment and everything in between can be managed via Contalog making it the management hub of your entire business empire. You know how a customer comes in, jumps through the several sales channels in his purchase journey and has completed a purchase on which sales channel.

Centralizing Management Tasks Across all Sales Channels

Centralization of inventory, orders, product and customer information forms the key towards simplifying multi channel management duties. This seamless connect contributes towards transparency of stock levels, orders flowing in and shipments initiated.

Orders (Purchase and sales) are synced with inventory so that the update happens in real-time leaving no room for errors. Multiple storage locations can be managed and any given product can be tracked down easily across several warehouses using BIN location.

Partial processing of orders enable businesses to provide flexibility for its customers in terms of procurements and payments. However, Contalog provides appropriate invoices, billing and shipment flexibilities to ensure the partial processing of orders are done without clutter.

Contalog’s Product information management power brands to showcase every product with variant-specific information, including custom attributes and all necessary details that a customer expects while searching for a product.

Contalog Integrations

With Magento and Amazon integrations, businesses can sync their sales done through their dedicated online stores and third-party marketplace websites Amazon, with Contalog. By doing this they get to merge the inventory and order handling tasks along centrally with other sales channels as well.

For Amazon sellers, Contalog can be as easy as using Amazon seller central as Contalog’s UI is almost close to that of the marketplace giant’s UI. For both ecommerce store and Amazon, order notifications keeps business owners in track of the sales happening and appropriate inventory changes also happen in real-time.

Offline-Online connect – The omnichannel bridge

Contalog connects both offline and online sales channels. You can have your sales done through field sales updated in Contalog and manage orders like you do for any other sales channels. Adding to this, Contalog provides B2B store in order to equip businesses to cater to their wholesale customer needs and retail associate platform which helps brick and mortar store officials to get in touch with inventory, buying history of customers they attend and other crucial information on demand, in order to provide a personalized shopping assistance.

On the whole

Contalog drives the hassle and clutters in business operation and has enough provisions to handle across your supply chain. It enables business to overcome the sophisticated technology needs and IT infrastructure in order to render a well-balanced omnichannel experience.
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