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5 Reasons Site Performance is Essential to Your Business’ Success


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business' success

Your site’s performance is essential to your business’ success, online as well as offline, and you need to be aware of the question “is your business still growing?” or has it halted in its tracks. Even with the best marketing plan, your efforts are set to fail if you have a poorly performing website. And this is the last thing that you want to have on your mind. A poor performing website could be down to a number of reasons, like a bad web host or a bad SEO. That’s why considering something like this kubernetes hosting software, or outsourcing for an efficient digital marketing company that can help with your search engine optimization should be considered. But don’t worry. In this article, we’re going to explore five reasons site performance is essential to your business success.

Your website’s performance affects your site’s search engine optimization in several ways. First, search engines give preference to sites that load quickly whereas they downrank sites that load slowly. Second, search engines allocate a limited amount of time to each site to be crawled, including all of its subdomains, so if your site takes a long time to load, many of your subdomains may not be crawled at all and then fail to show up in searches. Third, if someone abandons it halfway through the load time, this counts as a “bounce” by search engines that use this as a measure of poor quality; search engines then downgrade your site’s rankings because this signals it wasn’t a match. With this in mind, if you would like to improve your website performance, it might be a good idea to reach out to a team of digital marketing experts for some specialist advice tailored towards helping your online content to succeed. Not sure where to begin? There are plenty of seo companies in jacksonville fl and all over the world, so do not be afraid to reach out to an SEO company in your area for some digital marketing support.

2. Customer Satisfaction

For every second a website takes to load, you lose about 10% of your potential visitors. Unless someone is truly set on visiting your web page, they won’t wait long for a video or image-rich site to load.

This isn’t just an issue with landing pages. If a shopping cart takes too long to load or drops the customer mid-transaction, you will lose customers just as they are trying to buy from you. And after an experience like that, they won’t bother to come back.

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3. Mobile Ready by Design

While fast load times are important to the user experience, they are all the more important for mobile users who have less bandwidth and fewer system resources than PC users. By designing a lean website that loads quickly on any device, you get a website that is mobile ready by design.

Search engines like Google are actually giving priority to those that implement Accelerated Mobile Pages, but this does not negate the need to serve your pages on a fast server. After all, a mobile-ready site that loads in one or two seconds leaves a more positive impression with customers than one that loads in five to ten, even if it is “mobile friendly”. Go for a reputable web host such as if you want to enjoy optimal performance. Even the best-designed website will run poorly if you choose the wrong web host.

4. Universally Accessible

If your website loads in three seconds or less, it is suitable for use by customers in parts of the world where slow internet access is the norm. A fast loading site can reach customers that bloated pages essentially block.

5. Reduced Technical Errors and Support

Simple, lean sites are a better choice than using content delivery networks that shunt images, videos and audio files to closer locations because it eliminates the potential errors that will hurt your company’s image with users.

A slow loading site hurts your site’s search engine optimization because search engines penalize them for it directly and indirectly. Customers expect sites to load quickly, and slow loads and disruptions hurt the user experience and customer conversion rates. Lean, mean sites that load quickly are immediately user-friendly and accessible to users that don’t have fast internet. These same sites have fewer technical problems when done right.

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