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5 Forgotten Offline Marketing Tactics That Shouldn’t Be Ignored


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With the push for companies to use a range of digital tools and techniques for marketing, it’s easy to put all your attention into these avenues. While these are certainly effective when it comes to marketing, it’s still important to remember the offline marketing tactics that are extremely important. There’s a reason so many companies invest in a Duplo DC-446 Cutter Creaser to help their print marketing. You see billboards plastered in ads because it’s effective. Handing out a business card is one of the most efficient ways to make a lead. Just because there are opportunities online doesn’t mean you can forget offline efforts. Here’s a look at five forgotten offline techniques that you can and should be encouraged to use.

Just to make sure that the term offline marketing is clear, it is basically all the marketing channels that don’t involve the internet in any way. These can include promotion and advertising techniques. As the professionals suggest, offline marketing is a more traditional form of marketing that can still prove to be extremely effective in getting your message out.

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Direct Mailing

Direct mail has been around for quite some time and basically involves sending marketing material to your existing as well as potential customer base via the post. What should be said about this technique is that the response rate isn’t always high. You can, however, increase that response if your mail features something useful, such as a notepad, a fridge magnet, a calendar, etc.


Business Cards

Business cards have been around for what seems like ages and while some people may look at them as archaic nowadays, the fact is that they still hold value. There’s just something very personal about being able to meet with someone face-to-face and handing them a business card. Check out for some great options.

Keep in mind that your business card should include all your necessary information – your name, the company name, your phone number, email address, and website. Stick to a simple, clean design on your business card so that the information is easy to read. Business cards are a must-have at any networking event. There are other ways to share your personal details, however. If you want to be remembered, it might be an idea to have your contact details put onto rocket wristbands and hand those out instead of cards. Wristbands are more durable and you’d don’t see them too often making it a great way to be recognized.

Take To The Streets

Another great offline marketing strategy is to go to the consumers instead of making them go to you. Many businesses have hired Grassroots Advertising to send out a street team to offer free samples, use costumes to get attention, and hand out flyers. This type of marketing works great alongside experimental strategies and is well worth looking into because it can build a massive buzz around your business, especially in your local area. Similarly, going to a trade show can really focus your market, as many of your clients will be concentrated in one place ready for you to talk to. There are hundreds of trade show display rentals for you to choose from, so that you can find something that will really draw attention in the crowds.

Radio and TV Advertisements

Of course, you can also make use of advertisements, whether it be on the radio, television, or both. These can still be extremely effective today, especially for small businesses hoping to reach a large amount of people in one shot. It’s all about placing your brand in the advertisement in the right way that engages the viewer/listener and helps them to remember you.

A Spinning Sign

I’m sure you’ve seen spinning signs around before and they’ve caught your eye. Why not take advantage of this technique yourself? It’s extremely inexpensive and usually does a great job of attracting attention if you place them in the right spot.

Choosing What’s Best for You

Keep in mind that there may be a bit of trial and error involved with offline marketing tools as you work to find the best options for your brand. In the end, you may find that a combination of these techniques is the best plan of action

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